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Who We Are

My father taught me. His father taught him. The ways of a true craftsman are mentored. Minute by laborious minute.Master to student. Over time. A very long time.The tools get better but the rules stay the same.     

who we are

A fire pit under the stars. A garden path. A fresh asphalt driveway for hopscotch, skateboards, bouncing balls and, maybe even parking. A walled-in patio as an outdoor living room for al fresco everything— dining, reading, dancing, and just breathing. Your door is a gate and your ceiling is a sunset.


At Terra Firma, “you’re never too old to go play outside” or build a room among the trees. If you can dream it, we can do it…The right way.


Dad taught me the right way as his dad taught him: “Do better work than anyone, at a better price; Hire a qualified team; Be honest; Be trustworthy; No cutting corners; Be on time; Clean up; And most importantly, love what you do because then your customers will love what you did.” 


We love what we do.  Call us. 

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